Blake Kiltoff

This here is my website where I put my schedule for standup shows, maybe some blog posts or something, and a portfolio of my finest works and merchandise as I strive to whore myself.


Erect humorist

Blake Kiltoff is a standup comedian from Seattle, Washington. Blending wit and cynicism, Blake lampoons popular issues and mocks timeless topics, from childrearing to holiday traditions.

Like most comedians, Blake says he is "passionate about comedy," which really means he is incapable of loving himself and is locked in a Sisyphean struggle to obtain validation from strangers in the form of laughter and applause.

In 2008, Blake started performing at Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle, Washington, just a few years before the club shut its doors for the last time: this was purely a coincidence.

Here's a “recent” videos. Turn up the volume because the recording stinks.

October 2017


November 2017