Blake Kiltoff

This here is my website where I put my schedule for standup shows, maybe some blog posts or something, and a portfolio of my finest works and merchandise as I strive to whore myself.


This is a good place to start if you have no clue what a standup comedian is or what I am all about. If you have seen me perform (cool! thanks for checking out my site!) or you already get the idea, you can skip this post. I figure I should set out expectations somewhere, so this post is more like a disclaimer than anything else.

I only write about things that make me laugh, and I hope I can make you laugh here, but mainly I want to get people to come see me in shows. So forgive me if these aren't the best blog posts ever, I'm not really writing to become a great writer, I'm writing to build a fanbase.

Some marketing websites told me not to write that. "Readers don't want to know that you're trying to build a fanbase, it turns them off." Oh well. I'm kind of sick of everyone acting disingenuously, including myself: I know I'll do it again (likely when talking to a woman), but at least here and now I can be totally honest... to whit, I am writing a blog on my website to try and keep people interested in my sense of humor, because that way people might actually come to a show when I advertise it. 

That's it. I can only promise to post content I think is funny, and to try and post routinely... but I'm just starting out so I'm not going to commit to a publication schedule. Signup for updates to have my shit sent to your email. 

By the way, if you have any constructive feedback on my site, feel free to hit me up on the "Contact" tab. If you have criticisms (e.g., if you don't like the profanity), please go fuck yourself.