Blake Kiltoff

This here is my website where I put my schedule for standup shows, maybe some blog posts or something, and a portfolio of my finest works and merchandise as I strive to whore myself.

Comedy Off Kilter

I created Comedy Off Kilter because I love bringing high-quality comedy shows to Snohomish County! At any given time, I am working on producing at least a couple shows: booking acts and venues, selling tickets, working with advertisers, and all of the other boring parts of show business that I have a knack for because I am, at my core, a boring man.


Chuckles On The Pilchuck

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month, I hire three pros to bring the funny to Snohomish and give the locals a taste of real comedy. The show is always hilarious and best of all, free! We’ve done 16 shows so far and are continuing strong in 2019: click the link above for the up-to-date show information!

Collector’s Choice Restaurant has a full-service menu and bar. Tuesday nights are free pool night, too, so come watch the show, have some food and drinks, and play pool afterward.

Due to liquor laws, the show is restricted to ages 21 and over. Sorry, kids, try Comedy Garage!


Comedy Garage

Every Monday, at Tony V’s Garage in Everett, Kate Carlson Carlsen and I produce an open mic and showcase where local and regional amateurs and professional comics come to practice their material. We always hire one pro to perform for 20 minutes at the end of the night so we can all have a palate cleanser.

This show is all ages, free, and one of the best open mics in Washington State.

For information about the open mic and a schedule of upcoming shows, click the link above!