Week's Recap

Monday, October 23, 2023

I went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden on Sunday. I was going to meet a girl at a coffee shop and it looked cool; I didn't realize it was a garden / park until I got there, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Good date, too.

I'll probably go back to this place. It's very relaxed and pretty, and very close to my office.

Crazy Talented

I sent my 13-year old daughter this photo from the Bellevue Botanical Garden of a cool rock, saying that it reminded me of the ruins in Zelda. She sent me back this drawing because she's crazy talented and likes to show off. 

Saturday, Taylor Tomlinson

She was fantastic. Dustin Nickerson opened for her and was awesome, too. I worked with him at Laughs back in 2014 and it's been awesome to see him blowing up these past few years.

Went to the Dermatologist

I posted a selfie from the doctor's office and got a lot of messages asking me if everything is OK. I just went in for a routine screening and thought a joke about being committed was funny, that's all.

Saw This Flyer

When did the arched eyebrow, quizzical look, and half-serious smirk become the standard expression for all famous comedians on flyers?


We did Chuckles on the Pilchuck on Tuesday night! Vanessa headlined, Quinn featured, and Brent opened. Great show!!


DEATH made an appearance at the club this week. Happy Halloween!

Sunday Funday

Sunday, October 15, 2023

I went to the Oak for a late lunch and did something I rarely do: met a stranger! This is a rare thing in Seattle because most people are uptight & frigid little cowards. This time, however, I met a nice woman from Israel named <redacted>

She had just moved her 2 years ago and was out trying to have some fun to distract herself from the events in her home country. I think we got on well, because I don't know anything about the events going on in Israel right now and I told her I wouldn't ask. My refusal to follow the news pays off sometimes! 

We were both going to the grocery store after the Oak, so she took me in her Tesla to the Met Market down on Mercer street. We did a little shopping, then cruised back to my place, where I snapped this photo on my front stoop. We went inside and she met my roommate and we all had fun laughing about my friend who had been couchsurfing with me since August (who just moved out earlier that day).

I showed her my puppets, and I think that might have ended the flirtation. I really gotta stop showing women my puppets. 

I might get another chance, though, but it's hard to tell. She told me that she's extremely busy while preparing to return to Israel next week; she's flying there to be near her family during this critical time, so she may never come back. She might have been totally sincere, but that could also have all been polite s code for "Please don't call me ever again."

I went to the Off The Top show aftward and had a blast. There was a huge crowd (very unusual) and no other comedians at first (also unusual) - I went up 3rd or so and left when other comics started trickling in because I wanted to get to karaoke.

Karaoke at The Oak (yes, I went back to the Oak) was great. Basically, I like to park at my house and then walk to the Oak because it's all uphill and it's good exercise, and I can get a little shitfaced without having to worry about driving intoxicated.

Since I'm doing this intermittent fasting thing, I didn't eat or drink anything: I just smoked a lot of weed and then walked up to the Oak and signed up for my chosen song this week: Dire Straits, Walk of Life. God, I love Dire Straits.

Saturday Afternoon Adventures

Saturday, October 14, 2023

I had a date on Saturday at The Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard and got some good quality time with the waterfront. 

I broke my fast on Saturday with an amazing musrhoom potpie at Perihelion Brewery on Beacon Hill.

Blogging Blogging Blogging

Friday, October 13, 2023

I'm going through photos from the past few weeks and making a few notes. I've been back in Seattle for about a week now, after spending two weeks in Baton Rouge with my kids.

Waiting for my bestie

I started intermittent fasting to shed a little weight and better control my blood sugars. My bestie wanted to meetup for ice cream and burgers and since she's currently couchsurfing at my house, and I needed a ride home, I humored her.

She is constantly late. So I sent her this selfie while waiting. The smell of french fries and cheeseburgers was hard to resist but I managed to do it!

No, we're not dating, and I don't want to date her - we've done it before and it wasn't the right fit. It is awkward having a promiscuous and attractive woman living in my house, though. 

Intermittent fasting is like being friend-zoned by food. I still have appetites but I just pretend not to feel them. My god those buns look delicious though.

Spider Season

My house guest noticed a giant spider in the basement and she proceeded to kill it later. 

When I went to the office, I was shocked by the giant spider on my desk. Turns out to be our new Web Developer.

Fun Finds

I went to a vintage store in Baton Rouge and found some old college year books. The one from 1933 was covered in swastikas! Not just on the cover but throughout, as well.

It's important to note that this yearbook was published in 1933 and a careful review of the interior makes it seem like the choice of symbol was related to the long, rich history of the Swastika as a cultural symbol, and had nothing to do with contemporary events in Europe. But who really knows??