The only thing I take seriously is comedy. 

I started writing and performing in 2008 and standup quickly became my passion, my obsession, and my one true love. I have long since abandoned all worldly concerns beyond writing jokes: I gave up my home, my family, and even my hair to chase the dragon.

I have lived in the Seattle area for most of my life, and I perform regularly around the Pacific Northwest and wherever I can get stage time. When I'm not in Seattle, I'm touring or visiting my kids in Louisiana.


Blake Kiltoff has been a professional entertainer since 2008 and a comedian his entire life. Born in the Seattle area, Blake started performing at Giggles Comedy Club in 2008 and has worked nearly every comedy club and room in the PNW. He produces and hosts popular standup shows and appears regularly at Washington's biggest comedy venues. 

Blake loves cracking up diverse audiences everywhere with his unique perspective on hot topics. His rapid-fire punchlines and clever (sometimes twisted) humor has won over many Seattle audiences, notoriously the most uptight and sensitive people in the world. Blake's material oscillates between high brow jokes about the art of comedy, literature and science, to seedy reflections on dating, fatherhood, and family trauma. 

When he's not working on comedy, Blake enjoys spending time in Louisiana with his children, hanging out at bookstores and coffeeshops, and dancing at nightclubs.