Late Might Mic at Comedy/Bar

The List (So Far)

The list is open for online signups until I quit updating it, usually sometime late on Thursday night. The list is open for in person signups until the show ends (usually closer to 1am on Saturday). The "official" list is the list held in the host's hands during the show. Contact the host for last minute changes or requests.
Late Night Mic Booked Spots (Responses)


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The Friday Late Night Mic at Comedy/Bar starts immediately after the regular show ends, typically around 9:30pm but often as late as 10:00pm or even later. 

By signing up online:

If you signup in person

* The list is published Thursday night and shared via the instagram account @latenightmic_Seattle

Revisions to the list will continue through Friday; the published list is an estimate, not a guarantee

Details and FAQs

The Friday Late Night Mic at Capitol Hill Comedy/Bar is a popular open mic that starts immediately after the ticketed events end. Signup online by filling out the form below: you can signup for any or all of the open mics coming up for the next several weeks here. New weeks will be added and old weeks removed from this form on a rolling basis, so bookmark this page to signup.

Follow @latenightopenmic_seattle on Instagram to stay up to date on announcements and see the list. The list is published on Thursday nights.

If you are hoping to get a booked spot on the open mic, you will hear from me directly. If you do not hear from me directly, then check the list. Everyone who signs up online gets a spot, but I only reach out privately to talk to the people who I want to book for the opening 5 minute spots.


Q. Is there money?

Q. Who are the strong comedians?

Q. Isn't this unfair to all the other comedians? 

Q. How long are booked sets?

Q. How many booked spots are you doing per show?