Late Night Mic at Comedy/Bar

Friday Night Late Night Mic @ Comedy/Bar

The Friday Late Night Mic at Capitol Hill Comedy/Bar is a popular open mic that starts immediately after the ticketed events end. This page is where you can find information and links on how to sign up, view the list, and inquire about booked spots.

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  • Online signups are typically available until Thursday night or sometimes midday on Friday. 
  • In person signups are open until the open mic ends - everyone who sticks around gets a shot on stage!

Click here to signup for June 14th!  CLOSED

Some people keep signing up twice and it's annoying! Check the Signups View to see if your name is already on the list.

Weekly Signups View

The List

The List will be published sometime between Thursday night and Friday night. I rearrange names on the list based on bookings, past truancy, personal vendettas, and alcohol intake. 

The List View

Booked Spots

Booked spots are not paid: they are offered to experienced comics who want to try their 5 minutes in front of a hot crowd. 

After you request a booked spot, if I decided to book you for an open mic, you will hear from me directly. If you do not hear from me directly, then I have not booked you. I will not add you to the open mic list, so if you want to do the open mic either way, remember to also signup for the open mic.

Use the same link above to inquire about hosting opportunities. I will reach out. 

Host spots are paid.

Details and FAQs


Q. Is there money for booked spots?

Q. Who are the working comedians?

Q. Isn't this booking thing unfair to all the other amateur comedians? 

Q. How long are booked sets?

Q. How many booked spots are you doing per show?